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In this first post of the “Topical Spotlight” series, we’ll dig into what you can achieve by utilizing a healthy splash of Witch Hazel during your daily routine. Witch Hazel is a naturally occurring astringent that is derived from 4 different species of Hamamelis shrub native to North America and some other species local to portions of Asia. 

Natives were quite fond of this plant in the early America’s and recognized the medicinal qualities the bark and leaves of the shrub provided when broken down. Today, you can find it in almost any local pharmacy, grocery store, beauty store, or bathroom.  

Quinn's Witch Hazel

This brand offers a variety of scents and infusions. Best used as a facial toner.

T&D Logic Toner

This is the crowd favorite. Complete with Alphine Willow Herb extract

Let’s get to the goods.

What can Witch Hazel be used for?

This wonder juice is probably most commonly known for it’s ability to clean up cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites. It is probably the most comfortable of astringents to apply (especially on children) because of the lack of burning sensation most often associated with the use of an alcohol based astringent while disinfecting. Witch Hazel also makes for an absolutely wonderful post-shave treatment and may even promote the clotting of nicks while keeping the skin tight and clean. The nature of the liquid constricts blood vessels which in turn reduces inflammation and makes for an incredible addition to the acne prevention lineup. Witch Hazel also contributes to the reduction of pore size and those puffy morning eyes while providing an anti-aging effect to compliment your look. ALSO, anybody suffering from hemorrhoids can put a little of this on their ass to actively treat that annoying burning sensation! Who would have thought?!

Ladies – 

Good news, Witch Hazel is the best makeup remover you’ll ever use. It won’t smear makeup around your face nor will it leave an oily residue behind. Not convinced? Spend the $5 to try OR take the fancy route – click the links to check out the recommendations above!

Pro tip – avoid products that list alcohols high on the ingredient list!
Specifically avoid denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, and isopropyl!

These products may dry and weaken the skin! They can even make acne breakouts worse!

Coming soon – Talk about it: Exfoliation

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