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Do you really want to style that $35 hair cut with a $7 product? Please, drop the Old Spice and step back. First and foremost, what kind of look are you going for? High hold, matte finish? Low hold, natural shine? Medium hold, high shine? Ask yourself a few questions before you go walk down the street with a cowlick that looks similar to the antenna on an old school police interceptor. 

  1. What color hair do I have?
  2. What type of hair do I have?
  3. Do any areas show signs of thinning?
  4. What type of style am I going for?

If you haven’t asked yourself any of these questions, hold up. Let’s throw down some insight – we’ll start out with thinning or fine hair. Please keep in mind that thinning hair is not the same as fine hair. Fine hair is just a thin hair follicle and mostly genetic, thinning hair is a density issue – not texture oriented and can also be genetic, but normally controlled by a number of different variables (diet, hormone production, scalp health, etc.) If you find that you have either of these obstacles to hurdle, try to stay away from a slick finish (pomades, forming creams, clear gels, etc.) Here’s what happens: You apply a slick product to root of your hair follicles while they’re damp, you’re going to see right to the scalp. It isn’t very easy on the eyes and doesn’t provide a nice full look. We wear hair product to enhance our look, not ruin it. Keep that in mind. 

If you have a thick head of hair – you’re in luck, you can choose whatever product you desire. You’re the cream of the crop, don’t take that shit for granted. A thick head of hair warrants seasonal product usage.  Pro Tip: wear a wet look in the winter and a matte look in the summertime. A paste on a damp, dense head of hair, blown dry into place is my most preferred look when it comes to styling a side parted cut or thrown back look. Using this method gives you some middle ground by looking like you care just enough… a gold star on the badass card. 

Wearing average hair is ok too.. you also can do whatever you desire with it. What is average hair? It isn’t incredibly thick, it isn’t overly thin. Chances are pretty good that you can blow dry your hair in any direction and it’ll stay there without much help. Use a volume enhancing product like a paste or a clay on dry hair to provide that messy or pomped look with a whole mess of texture – depending on how your barber works with those shears. You can also throw in an volume reducing product like your forming creams or a grooming cream for that messy style without having to sacrifice the style in the wind or add another inch to your height. 

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2 Replies to “Talk about it: The Correct Hair Product”

  1. Hey Brendan,

    For those of us with the double whammy of fine hair AND thinning hair on the crown, you mention that we should avoid ‘slick’ products, but is there a type of product you’d recommend which might be better suited to help us with our hair-raising (bad pun, I know) dilemma? Also, are there any particular cuts or styles that you would recommend that would help us make the most of what genetics has given us?


    1. Hey Joe!

      Thanks for asking! Using a product that is going to provide a matte finish will help tremendously. Generally these products tend to clump the hair together, provide a more full look, have higher hold, and take focus away from problem areas. The changing of styles can always help, but dramatically change your personal image. Some people love a good “wow” from others, some prefer a more subtle transition. Finding a style to help cover thinning areas involves leaving certain sections of the style longer than others, which can become very noticeable (i.e. “combover.”) It’s a happy medium!

      Some consumer product favorites are:

      Baxter of California – Hard Cream Pomade
      Triumph & Disaster – Coltrane Clay
      American Crew – Fiber
      Mitch – Matterial Styling Hair Clay

      Hopefully this helps!


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