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Sea Salt Spray be your saving grace.

It’s no secret that the men’s grooming industry has absolutely exploded within the past five years. Along with the uprise of the men’s grooming market comes the over-saturation of the men’s grooming product market. The overwhelming amount of products within the market makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find the correct one without blowing hundreds of dollars prior to landing on the lucky contestant – then the company discontinues the line, resetting the chaos to be endured, yet again. We’ve had the chance to talk about choosing the correct hair product, now we can talk about some product that may help to keep your scalp and hair healthy while providing additional volume and fullness to the style you’re looking to achieve.

Sea salt spray is exactly what you think it is – ocean water (with maybe some fragrance and added epsom salts.) Why would you use that in your hair? Let’s put said Earth juice in the Topical Spotlight…

When you throw some sea salt spray into the hair prior to adding product, the salts in the solution will start to break through the cuticle of the hair follicle which further expands the rest of the follicle – hence the more full look and added volume. What else can it possibly do?

Ever find some residual product in the hair even after washing? Chances are pretty good that the same product in the hair is also resting on the scalp. This can cause a multitude of issues, the most common being dry or flaky scalp. Pro Tip: Spray a healthy dose of sea salt spray into the hair and work it in with your fingers while massaging the scalp. The glorified ocean water will blast any of the residual product not only off of the hair follicle, but out of the pores on the scalp. The same can ALSO be done for the beard to create a more full look and maintain skin health underneath. 


Overuse of sea salt spray can do more harm than good. This can work in direct opposition of our initial goal. Sea salt draws hydration from the hair and the skin. Too much spray can result in even drier skin and can even start to break hair. We are looking for a happy medium here, people! Remember to start off with less and add more as needed. 

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